One-Page Score Project w/Vancouver Electronic Ensemble


One-Page Score created by Howard Dai
Music composition and performance by David Leith

Artist Statement from David Leith
This sonic interpretation of Howard Dai’s graphic score follows a spiral path. The journey begins in the quiet upper left hand park area. Moving counterclockwise it passes through different sections of the city. Finally it comes to an end at the busy centre core.There are two types of sounds used. The first is field recordings from different locations. Image sonification creates the second type of sound. First I separated each colour of the original score into individual layers. Based on their shape the software then translates these graphic elements into audio. The final composition arranges all these sounds along the spiral path.

DAVID LEITH is a Galiano Island visual artist and sound artist/musician. Current projects are Zen Escalator (with Lee Hutzulak) and S.P.A.C.E as a member of the Locomoto Art Collective. Recent exhibitions and performances include: Old Stream, Arbres de Memoire – Trees of Memory, PoSSeSSiONz, Thru The Trap Door @ On Main Gallery, Signal and Noise (VIVO) and the Woodstockhausen Festival for Esoteric Music. He’s often seen adjusting some electronic gizmos with the Vancouver Electronic Ensemble.

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