The PresentMaking Project

THe presentmaking project

Co-created with Logan Rhys Hallwas

An intimate, immersive, live installation

The word present here having a double meaning; of a gift that is curated for a specific audience, and of the presence in the immediate now from the perspective of performance. We started with a core question: How do we make something that is solely for one person, while showing unity and connection to all the other stories?

We conducted 34 remote interviews with our friends and community members, and built a show specific to each person using their interview footage in our PresentBox, a 4’ by 4’ square enclosed by tall white curtains which were rear projected by projectors.

We created 34 unique shows, one for each participant. As we wrapped up our residency at Anvil Centre (New Westminster, BC) in June 2021, we invited the participants into the space to individually experience what we made for them.

Watch our peckakucha presentation HERE

We presented a talk at PeckaKucha New Westminster Vol 26 (June 19, 2021), where we talked about our process and experimentation.


Supported by Anvil Centre Professional Arts Residency & Canada Council for the Arts