The Five Vengeances

Performer (Banger)
an Affair of Honor Production
Written and Directed by Jovanni Sy
Sept 24 – Oct 1, 2022
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts


Nathania Bernabe as Fury
Evelyn Chew as The Old One/ Jailer/ Ugly Brigand
Howard Dai as Banger
Jackie T. Hanlin as Shotgun
Chirag Naik as The Overlord
Lissa Neptuno as Second Consort
Aurora Rain as Brick
Katrina Teitz as Sage/ Runt
Kenneth Tynan as Twist
Nicholas Yee as Wheedle
Elizabeth Young as Bella

Creative Team

Shila Amin (Stage Manager/Co-Production Manager/Props Master)
Nathania Bernabe (Fight Director/Producer)
Phil Birkby (Lighting Operator)
Megan Chang (Wushu Instructor/Consultant)
Charlotte Chang (Co-Costume Designer)
Sveta Chen (Wushu instructor/Consultant)
Shang-han Chien (Chimerik Art Director/Projection Designer)
Sammy Chien (Interactive/New Media System Programmer)
Lisa Goebel (Intimacy Director)
Jackie T Hanlin (Fight Director/Producer)
Gonu Kim (Chimerik Music Support)
Jonathan Kim (Chimerik Lighting Designer)
Leslie Kwan (Wushu instructor/Consultant)
Madeleine Molgat Laurin (Technical Director)
Caroline MacCaull (Chimerik Sound/New Media System Programmer)
Amy McDougall (Co-Costume Designer)
Tessa Pyrik (Assistant Stage Manager)
Suseh Nievares (Production and technical services coordinator)
Kimira Reddy (Set Designer)
Matthew Rhodes (Producer/Co-Production Manager)
Kayleigh Sandomirsky (Chimerik Producer/Project Manager)
Ivan So (Chimerik Graphic/Animation Support Technical Workshop)
Shona Struthers (Sound Designer/Live Foley/Composition/Fundraising Producer)
Jovanni Sy (Director)
Katrina Teitz (Instagram Manager)
Anthony Trombetta (Second Sound Operator)

Full digital program here